Towards an AI, Data and Robotics Ecosystem

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and the European Robotics Association (euRobotics) have developed a joint Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) for an AI, Data and Robotics Partnership in Europe (S Zillner et al. 2019). This is in response to the Commission Communication on AI published in December 2018. Deploying AI successfully in Europe requires an integrated landscape for its adoption and the development of AI based on Europe’s unique characteristics. In September 2020 the BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI and euRobotics are pleased to announce the official release of the joint Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) for the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership which unifies the strategic focus of each of the three disciplines engaged in creating the Partnership.

Together these associations have proposed a vision for an AI, Data and Robotics Partnership: “The Vision of the Partnership is to boost European industrial competitiveness, societal wellbeing and environmental aspects to lead the world in developing and deploying value-driven trustworthy AI, Data and Robotics based on fundamental European rights, principles and values”.

To deliver on the vision of the AI, Data and Robotic Partnership, it is important to engage with a broad range of stakeholders. Each collaborative stakeholder brings a vital element to the functioning of the Partnership and injects critical capability into the ecosystem created around AI, Data and Robotics by the Partnership. The mobilisation of the European AI, Data and Robotics Ecosystem is one of the core goals of the Partnership. The Partnership needs to form part of a wider ecosystem of collaborations that cover all aspects of the technology application landscape in Europe. Many of these collaborations will rely on AI, Data and Robotics as critical enablers to their endeavours. Both horizontal (technology) and vertical (application) collaborations will intersect within an AI, Data and Robotics Ecosystem.

Figure 1 sets out the context for the operation of the AI, Data and Robotics. It clusters the primary areas of importance for AI, Data and Robotics research, innovation and deployment into three overarching areas of interest. European AI, Data and Robotics Framework represents the legal and societal fabric that underpins the impact of AI on stakeholders and users of the products and services that businesses will provide. The AI, Data and Robotics Innovation Ecosystem Enablers represent the essential ingredients for effective innovation and deployment to take place. Finally, the Cross-Sectorial AI, Data and Robotics Technology Enablers represent the core technical competencies that are essential for the development of AI, Data and Robotics systems. The remainder of this section offers a summary of the European AI, Data and Robotics Framework, which is the core of the SRIDA (Zillner et al. 2020) developed by the BDVA, euRobotics, ELLIS, EurAI and CLAIRE.

Figure 1: European AI, Data and Robotics Framework and Enablers (Zillner et al. 2020) (by European Commission licensed under CC BY 4.0)

Excerpt from: Zillner S. et al. (2021) Data Economy 2.0: From Big Data Value to AI Value and a European Data Space. In: Curry E., Metzger A., Zillner S., Pazzaglia JC., García Robles A. (eds) The Elements of Big Data Value. Springer, Cham.


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